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4th of July 2009
We went to the Beach for 4th of July. I'm making this on an iPhone right now; so, I'll add more content later!

Fort Flagler State Park, Washington

I went on my very first camping trip. We went for just one night because Scott and Meredith were worried about whether I would sleep well. But I slept fine! I got to go in the ocean, dig on the beach, and watch bald eagles. The hood canal bridge was closed, so we had to drive all the way around the bottom of the Sound. I didn't mind, I just slept in the back seat.

Visiting Portland, Playing in Seattle, and Going to the Vet

Here I am visiting Portland (the city, not the dog). I had a good time and got to meet Gizmo. There are also pictures in here of me playing at several parks around Seattle. I also had a trip to the Vet and Meredith took a few photos of me there.

New Rope Toy from Merrie, Dan, and Zoe

Merrie, Dan, and Zoe came over to meet me for the first time last night. They brought me a fun new rope toy to play with. I had Scott take these pictures of me playing with it.

Thanks Merrie, Dan, & Zoe!


Days 2 & 3 Update

My owners took some photos of me playing and sleeping during my 2nd and 3rd days at my new home:


Hi, my name is Oliver. I'm a 15 week old Labrador boy.

Here is a picture of me with my new owners Scott and Meredith.